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"Since I started to learn from chief Dancing Thunder from 1998 on, a new realm opened up. His teachings helped me to realise that the spirit is limitless. And I decided to follow this path of limitlessness. I can tell you, this had - and still has - drastic effects in my daily life! Mostly wonderful, miraculous."

Her sweatlodges are directed towards the spirit in everything.

In her experience everyone in the sweatlodge recognizes this, once the limitations and definitions start to fall apart, the reality of freedom, the memory of truth, dignity, integrity, and ... knowing exactly which path to take. What is right. In the ceremony, by connecting this age-old heritage with the totems, and the awakeness in existence itself, it becomes a thousand times as strong.

Nisa also gives individual guidance and healings, she teaches new firekeepers and ceremonial leaders, and guides people on the shamanic path in the yeartraining The Art of Shamanism.
She is an adopted member of the Susquehannock Tribe, received the name Dreaming Star Nations - which later changed into Silver Star Nations - and follows the Susquehannock Medicinewheel in the sweatlodge and other rituals. The ceremonies with Star Nations are being characterized by the amazing sounds of the drum and her voice, a great feeling of welcome, and a passion for freedom.

In every ceremony new seeds are planted for a world in harmony and beauty, the way it originally was. For freedom, and for a wild beauty.

Nisa Silver Star Nations

Nisa is totally dedicated to the sweatlodge. To the unbounded space in the dark and the sound of the drums, calling back. She considers the ceremony as a reinstatement of Original Being, getting rid of all the nonsense, and reconnecting again with beauty, strength, awakeness, and the wordless knowing in everything, as well as in us. We are fortunate to be given such a ceremony and to pass it on further, and to be a part of the changing of times.

Nisa conducts the ceremony since 19 years. She was one of the first in the Netherlands and has shared this ceremony over the years with many many people. The guiding of the ceremony was shared with her by Sean Casey and Frans Scheerder, in the Chippewa tradition of Sun Bear who was their teacher. Besides that it was mainly the sweatlodge itself and the stones in the lodge who taught her how to walk the path of ceremony, as well as the spirits.


Nisa Montana
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