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A threeday at midwinter is a very intense experience. We will be celebrating 2 rather extended sweatlodge ceremonies, also during the night.

Realize that we will be camping in the forest for three days. During the years we have built quite some experience in camping and doing sweatlodges in the middle of wintertime. It is wonderful, but prepare yourself with thermal clothing, wool, mountainboots, a good sleepingbag and inflatable mattress, etc.

Dates: 20 December 2019 12 am, untill 22 December around 3pm.
Contribution: € 220,-
Location: Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands

In the ultimate darkness of the lodge,
in the ultimate darkness of the night,
we welcome the dawning of the new light.

This is about recognizing the spirit
that lives within everything.

Again, this is one of these great opportunities to dream life from a different angle, and to offer our prayers of light to existence.

to all our relations
to celebrate our true essence


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Midwinter Intensive
20-21-22 December, 2019