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This travel to South-West England is a profound travel of beauty in line with the original.

This travel takes us along several places of power. When we do ceremony, it will reawaken the place itself, and reawaken us. To connect with truthfulness, with who you truely are, in its origin. This will work in both ways: we are being touched and strengtened by the magical place, and by our conscious presence and ceremony, the place itself is being enlightened and strengthened.

Stonehenge cropcircle stonecircle cropcircle

We will be connecting with the stones in Stonehenge, do ceremony in the middle of cropcircles, stonecircles and sacred wells, and will enjoy the wopnderful island of Avalon - Glastonbury.

We will use these ancient places to cleanse and to transform, to step into the footsteps of our ancestors and reconnect to our purpose here on earth.

Glastonbury Tor

It is a very special trip that will bring a lot of change and movement.

Shamanism is a direct way of learning, by experiencing yourself, and everyone is being invited to awaken within your own spiritual gifts and beauty. We will be working in ceremony with Ancestors, Dragons, Healing, and Initiations. This will be mixed to a wonderful combination, in which we can utterly enjoy the marvellously mystic England.

For this travel it is advised to have a reasonably good physical condition because of the occasionally long walks through the hills.

Practical info:labyrinth Tintagel

This travel is for a group of 8 to 15 people.
We will cross from Holland to England in 2 vans.
We will sleep in tents and in hostels.
Transportation, accommodation, organic breakfast and lunch, is all included. As well as local entrance fees, ceremonies, and intensive accompaniment. However, when we go out for dinner (4-5 times) it will be on everyone's own costs.
Guidance: Koen Silver Wolf Drum and Nisa Silver Star Nations
Dates: 2017, June 19 till 30.

For further information please mail to

Be welcome!

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spiritual travel to mystical England
2017, June 19 till 30