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We offer several trainings in shamanism and ritual.

tree of visionThe Art of Shamanism I
- the Freedom of the Spirit -

An intensive acquaintance with original shamanism.

We work with ceremony, with awakening the original state of being of the spirit. This training is home-coming and the realisation of freedom.

The Art I training consists of 2 blocks of 3 full days each.
You will get to know the raising of perception and awareness, beyond the mind, the medicinewheel, totem, and personal medicine.

The new group starts in October 2018.

The Art of Shamanism II
- the Shaman's Dreaming -

This is the follow-up in which we continue on the shamanic path of transformation. We will learn from the ancestors, dream with the Earth, connect ourselves again in the Great Web, and curiously research the source of everything that exists.

To walk this path, involves to stand for the light that you were meant to bring onto this Earth.

The Art II consists of 3 blocks of 3-days-teachings.

The Art of Shamanism Advanced

After joining the Art I and II it is possible to continue with one or more of the Advanced teachings:
- Healers Advanced - (2 blocks)
- Purpose of the Spirit - (1 block)
- Classical Medicine - (1 block)

and, for the ones who have been called by the sweatlodge:
- the Sweatlodge Leaders Training -
(1 year with 3 gatherings of 4-days each)

The Spirit of the Drum

A weekend-workshop for a deep connection with you shamanic Drum.

With initiations, ceremonies and
healings with the drum.

There is no former education required. Only enthusiasm.

Drumbeats and heartbeats!

Trainings in ceremony and the sweatlodge

One of our oldest and dearest friends is the
As a firekeeper you walk the path of the sweatlodge in a very active way, contributing to the ceremony. In this training you learn everything that is involved in the firekeeping-art, from cutting wood and preparing the fire in all circumstances to being in ceremony with the fire, as well as from dealing with participants to creating sacred space. During the training we work so deeply with the fire, almost immersed in it, that by the end you are fire.
Next Firekeepers Training will be in 2017.
We haven't translated the dutch page about the firekeeperstraining (yet), so please if you're interested just send an email.

We offer the
Sweatlodgeleader's Training as an Advanced Training - so after you have joined the Art I and Art II.
This is for people to learn how to conduct the ceremony of the sweatlodge. We connect to age-old wisdom and knowledge and the ancient spirit of the sweatlodge.
It may seem strange to offer a training for this, I totally agree, but I see it like this: for the ones who have been called by the sweatlodge to share it with the people, we offer all our knowledge and experience to share with you. Basic knowledge of how to conduct a ceremony, as well as specific challenges to share the ceremony from visions and personal medicine. In other words: to do it truthfully from your connection with the ceremony, being guided by spirit.


trainings in shamanism:

The Art of Shamanism I
- the Freedom of the Spirit -
(new group starts in October 2018)

The Art of Shamanism II
- the Shaman's Dreaming -

Spirit of the Drum

sweatlodge trainings:
Firekeeper's Training (2017)

teachings with Dancing Thunder:
For teachings with Dancing Thunder in Belgium, see Zennergi
For teachings with Dancing Thunder in Germany, see BlueJay

These are very special teachings and ceremonies to enlighten the path of original knowledge.
If you are interested in Dancing Thunder's
Advanced Teachings, you can contact us by email

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