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The ceremonies will be led by : Nisa Silver Star Nations and Koen Silver Wolf Drum
when: October 5 12 am till October 7 around 8 pm, 2018
where: Hilvarenbeek, NL
contribution: € 220,- for the entire Intensive
including organic food and overnight stay (in your own tent or in the tipi)

For registration or more information, please mail us

During this Intensive we will fly into the medicine of the Crow. There will be teachings, 1 or 2 sweatlodge-ceremonies, and a few very intense ceremonies with Crow outside the sweatlodge.

With Crow we will travel beyond personal boundaries. Crow is a great teacher in speaking Truth, no matter how unconventional that may be. This gives a tremendous liberation - especially for those who already see with Crow's eyes.

Existence is much more. You are much more.


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Crow Intensive
October 5-6-7, 2018