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This weekend we will do two sweatlodge-ceremonies. The first one with the Wolf, the second one with the Medicinewheel.

WolfThe Wolves are true companions, with integrity, full and rich, and always sharing with the pack. They show us the path of the true heart.

In this ceremony we will walk with the Wolf into the Pure Heart. 
He will share his medicine with us, but mostly will bring us back to the true face of all things, and the spirit of friendship. 

The second day we will do a sweatlodge with the Medicinewheel.

The Earth has her own Medicinewheel, as well as every tribe, in which all the medicine is being represented. Besides, you also have your Personal Medicinewheel.

In the ceremony we will connect with the Medicinewheels of the sweatlodge, of the Earth, and your Personal Medicinewheel.
To walk the Path of Medicine. Your spiritual path, in sincerity.

Young and old and everyone in between are very welcome to join in one of these ceremonies or in both, and to be a part of the tribe - or the pack. Ceremony shows that we are one family, free and connected.

1 June 2019 Wolf, from 10 am till very late in the evening.
and 2 June 2019 Medicinewheel, from 9.30 am till around 8 pm.
Overnight stay on saturday night is recommended (bring your camping/sleeping-gear)
contribution for one ceremony €100,-, or €175,- for both.
We take care of organic and vegetarian meals
The ceremonies will be guided by Koen Silver Wolf Drum and Nisa Silver Star Nations

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Sweatlodges with the Wolf and the Medicinewheel
1-2 June, 2019