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The Wolves are true companions, with integrity, full and rich, and always sharing with the pack. They show us the path of the true heart.

In these three days we will walk with the totem of the Wolf into the Pure Heart of Being. 
He will share his medicine with us, but mostly will bring us back to the Being of Purity itself. Back to our Birth State.

This is the basis for autonomy, dignity, and true friendship.

We are one family, free and connected.

These days we will be doing several different ceremonies, all centered around the totem of the Wolf and your personal connection with it. We will be doing a sweatlodge ceremony, a medicinelodge, a dreamtime healing, spirit traveling with the drum, etc. There will be teachings intertwined with the ceremonies.

You are very welcome to join and explore.

when: October 1-3: Friday 1 pm till Sunday 7pm.
where: Zelhem, the Netherlands.
contribution : €330,- (including organic, vegetarian meals and overnight stay)

please mail us for further info and/or registration

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Wolf Sweatlodge Intensive
October 1-2-3, 2021