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Even when this sounds really abstract for you, you are more than welcome to come and join and experience. It is very special to be a part of this.

At the start of the Summer we celebrate with the Wolves, in Autumn with the Bear, and in Winter we walk with the Deer.
This year we will do a one-day sweatlodge with the Eagles, but with an extra festivity with two ceremonial leaders in the sweatlodge and a potluck afterwards.

Guidance: Nisa Silver Star Nations, and Koen Silver Wolf Drum.
Dates: 21 March 2020
Time: Saturday 10 am till very late in the evening.
It is recommended to stay overnight - bring your own tent or sleep in the teepee.
Costs are €100,- incl organic food.

At the dawn of Spring we celebrate with the totem of the Eagle in the sweatlodge. These ceremonies are completely untouched by recent times. They breath freedom and endless space, and a sense of the eternal.

The totems are relatives in the spirit world. They come to help us to expand into our original way of being and knowing.

In the Susquehannock MedicineWheel, the Eagle is the totem of the East. Showing the way of the light. His gift is the memory of the perspective of total freedom. Unbound and limitless.


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Eagle Sweatlodge Weekend
21 March, 2020