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guidance: Nisa Silver Star Nations
when: 23 November, 10am till around midnight. We advise you to stay for the night (in your own tent or in the teepee). Possibly we will do a sweatlodge the next day as well.
contribution for one day: €100,-
where: Hilvarenbeek, the Netherlands

For more info and registration: please mail us

Since about fifteen years we do Bear sweatlodges in the autumn. These ceremonies are completely untouched by recent times. We walk the path of the original beings on this Earth, together with the totems.

The totems are relatives in the spirit world. They are a friend, companion, and teacher in the sweatlodge. In the sweatlodge, we invite the Bear to be a part of the ceremony. We reach out and make a connection that permeates everything.

Bear is a tremendously powerful totem with great medicine of the great embrace of existence and of the power that flows through existence. Bear is welcoming and healing, yet also raw and direct.

Bear is our great companion and guide in opening the dreaming.


bear medicine
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totem sweatlodges with Bear Medicine
23 November, 2019