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This 2-day will also be a gathering space for the Susquehannock Dragon Society, a society that started in March 2015 to awaken the medicine of the dragon on the earth, and represent it as a society. The dragon is an untamable and free polarity, that creates harmony in existence on a very deep level.

Anyone who is touched by the dragons, in whatever way, is welcome to join in these Sweatlodges.

Guidance: Nisa Silver Star Nations and Koen Silver Wolf Drum
Dates: 25-26 April 2020
From Saturday 10 am till Sunday around 9 pm.

Costs are €175,- incl organic food, and stay-over in your own tent or in the teepee.

Dragons are mythical creatures of magic and magnitude.
Although they may not be easily visible in this world, they do exist. They dwell behind the physical forms, and carry the knowledge of creation and magic.

The dragon's breath will blow through this sweatlodge-weekend, as well as the very old traditions that are connected to the dragon.

Traditions of dragonriders, old creatures of the earth, dragons of the stars, and king of all the magical creatures.


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Dragon Sweatlodge Weekend
25-26 April 2020