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Being a firekeeper is being in contact with one of the greatest teachers: the Fire.

It means also that you are standing at the core of the ceremony. Participating in the ceremony is one thing, being a firekeeper is a totally different thing. You become a part of the ongoing tradition, a carrier of wisdom.

During the training we will connect with the Fire in many different ways. It will be challenging, and also a lot of fun. You will learn technical things as well as ceremonial ways.

You will need quite some experience as a participant in the sweatlodge, and a strong calling of the ceremony, a passion for fire, and a willingness to dedicate yourself to the greater good.

When: 8-12 September, 2021
We start on Wednesday evening at 8pm and close on Sunday around 5pm.
Where: Zelhem

The next Firekeepers Training will be in 2023


This is a very intense four-and-a-half-day-and-four-nights training to learn the competencies of a firekeeper for the sweatlodge ceremony.

The firekeeper tends the fire, brings the hot stones into the sweatlodge, brings in the water, and is the keeper of the sacred space around the sweatlodge.

It is an offering of servitude. You dedicate your total attention, focus and spiritual connections for the ceremony that is taking place, in order that the people can reconnect again with the source of existence and their spirit.


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Firekeepers Training
8-12 September 2021