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The training will be offered by: Nisa Silver Star Nations en Koen Silver Wolf Drum

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For whom has been called by the sweatlodge, to share the ceremony with the people, for those we offer the Sweatlodge Leader's Training.

It is not often that we offer this possibility, so it's quite an opportunity.

The training consists of 10 days in 3 blocks. It consists of basic knowledge of the ceremony, practising, training how to conduct the energy, but also the challenge to do it with the medicine that you carry with you into this world.

We are all related.

This is an Advanced Training, for which we require that you have completed the Art I and Art II shamanic trainings. Of course an extensive experience in the sweatlodge is a must. Also, that you feel really called by the sweatlodge. Our task is to help you to stand on the ceremonial line.


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Sweatlodge Leader's Training