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Silver Wolf Drum

Silver Wolf Drum is healer and ceremonial leader. He is passionate to open up boundaries and seek the unmeasurable.
"We are all creatures with unlimited possibilities, we only have to open up and stand upright."

He loves drumming, dreams with the wolves, and loves to take people along to see the openings in existence. He gives healings, sweatlodges, spiritual travels and trainings, which are all filled with amazingly extraordinary sounds and an intensity in which the boundaries of the normal are being broken. All to waken up the originality - that which gives life and sparks.

For further activities of Wolf Drum you can take a look at his site:

chief Dancing Thunder

Dancing Thunder is Medicineman and chief of the Susquehannock Tribe of Florida. He represents a very old line of knowledge and helps people to develop their spiritual senses and to enlighten their spiritual gifts. He shares his knowledge in sweatlodges and teachings all over the world. Twice a year in the Netherlands there are sweatlodge seminars with Dancing Thunder. Besides that there are regular shamanic teachings and dreamtime healing concerts.

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  Dancing Thunder
Lieke White Winds  

Lieke White Winds

Lieke: "When you enter the sweatlodge you leave behind your earthly existence, and enter into what we call the Womb of the Earth Mother.
In this space, in this dimension, you feel more close to existence itself and you experience the beauty.
It is a dimension in which you can realign yourself with your original being, with whom you really are. A dimension in which you can experience the overwhelming strenght of Love and the healing it brings along."
Lieke is strongly connected to the Andes path. For her sweatlodges and female initiations, have a look on her website:


Nisa Silver Star Nations

Nisa is totally dedicated to the sweatlodge. To the unbounded space in the dark and the sound of the drums, calling back. She considers the ceremony as a reinstatement of Original Being, getting rid of all the nonsense, and reconnecting again with beauty, strength, awakeness, and the wordless knowing in everything, as well as in us. We are fortunate to be given such a ceremony and to pass it on further, and to be a part of the changing of times.

In every ceremony new seeds are planted for a world in harmony and beauty, the way it originally was. For freedom, and for a wild beauty.

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Nisa in Montana
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